Solar-Log® accessory modules offer extra protection, new solar PV monitoring functions, and improved solar PV plant performance. 

Mobile Visualization

View your solar PV plant data at-a-glance and on-the-go with Solar-Log® mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows 10.


Solar-Log 10 Consumption Meter

Maximize solar PV plant performance by measuring power bidirectionally inside the main distribution panel at the utility connection.

Data Transfers

Overcome cable connection and plant location challenges with quick and easy data transfers, whether between the inverter and data logger or between the Solar-Log and PC and router.


Your monitoring will be even more effective with the aid of a sensor system. The sensor provides reference values which are used by the Solar-Log® to detect problems at your plant even faster. Errors and malfunctions can be filtered out and analyzed rapidly and reliably.

Device Protection

Practical and convenient projection against wind and severe weather conditions.