Solar-Log® Insight

The Solar-Log® Insight app provides access to the Solar-Log® Dashboard quickly and easily from your iOS, Android, or Windows 10 device.


View your solar PV plant’s:

  • Yield History
  • Power Consumption
  • Financial Earnings
  • Environmental Contribution
  • CO2 Savings
  • Weather Forecast


The Solar-Log® Insight app is even available on the Apple Watch for solar PV plant monitoring at just a flick of your wrist.  Views include yield history, environmental contribution, financial earnings, and weather data.


The Solar-Log® Insight app is compatible with the Solar-Log® WEB "Commercial Edition” and available in 12 languages.

Software suitable for:

Solar-Log 350 | Solar-Log 360 | Solar-Log 370

Solar-Log 2000 | Solar-Log 1200| Solar-Log 300

Solar-Log® Insight:

AppleStore  - Solar-Log® Insight APP for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Google Play - Solar-Log® Insight APP for your Android Device

Solar-Log® APP

The Solar-Log® APP is available on iOS & Android devices and is available for all PV plants being monitored through the Solar-Log® WEB "Commercial Edition" and Solar-Log® WEB "Classic 2nd Edition", providing PV plant details in the palm of your hand. Monitor your plant quickly and easily by accessing plant details such as current and past yield data and daily, monthly, annual and total views.

In addition to the yield data, Solar-Log® APP users can also view CO² savings and power consumption, when available. Solar-Log® WEB users can connect to an unlimited number of plants of any size and switch between the plants right from their mobile devices. 

Download the app today to view two demo PV plants with live data. These plants offer an insightful view of the performance of modern plants.


  • plant information
  • yield overview (day / month / year / total)
  • consumption overview  (day / month / year / total)
  • CO² overview (total)
  • current values
  • slideshow mode
  • sub-consumer view

Available languages:

Software suitable for:

Solar-Log 2000 | Solar-Log 1200| Solar-Log 300

Solar-Log® APP:

Google PlayStore Solar-Log® APP