Feed-in Management Solutions

Intelligent Grid Export Control

The grid feed-in management capability of the Solar-Log® provides an innovative solution to largely minimize losses that result from feed-in caps proposed by grid operators or other regulations. These solutions allow installers to put up larger solar PV plants in areas where they otherwise would not be possible. It allows end users to take advantage of self-produced power and maximize on plant return. These solutions minimize the amount of grid consumed power and assist with a more reliable, stable grid.

Maximize Return on Investment

  • Maximize on PV plant size while adhering to local feed-in requirements
  • Direct PV power towards self-consumption and storage after feed-in cap is met
  • Solar-Log® calculates the current power surplus and can turn appliances on/off via networked smart plugs or smart relays to optimize self-consumption 
  • Maintain PV plant profitability even after net metering caps have been met

Limited Grid Feed-in

Solar-Log® measures building consumption with an integrated consumption meter. The inverters are adjusted accordingly to ensure that grid export (the difference between the current production and consumption) does not exceed the maximum amount specified. With the use of a consumption meter, Solar-Log® is able to control grid feed-in by either a certain percentage of the total PV inverter power or in kW. 

Zero Grid Feed-in

In area where grid feed-in is not allowed at all, Solar-Log® controls the inverters to produce just enough power to cover the building load, resulting in zero grid export.