Innovative solar PV plant monitoring and power management

Ideal solutions for commercial and residential plants. Compatible with all major inverter brands.

Solar-Log 350

Solar-Log® & GE Meter

Wireless Residential Solar PV Monitoring and Certified Revenue Grade Metering

Solar-Log® continues to introduce most innovative solar PV monitoring solutions, this time by integrating its proven technology into General Electric’s popular I-210+ Meter. The result is the new Solar-Log® product family 350, 360, and 370, specially designed for the residential solar PV market and engineered for simple installation.

Solar-Log 2000 Solar PV Data Logger

Solar-Log® Data Loggers

Premium Commercial and Residential Solutions for PV Plant Monitoring and Power Management 

The Solar-Log 300, 1200, and 2000 product line has established Solar-Log's global leadership in monitoring and managing photovoltaic power plants. The seamless and accurate monitoring provides the basis for faultless operation and the smart control function ensures that you get the most out of your PV power.

Solar-Log® Monitoring

The Global Market Leader in Web-based Solar PV Monitoring 

The Solar-Log® WEB is a sophisticated PV monitoring and plant management application which features concise presentation options and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. 
Solar-Log® WEB comes in two versions which are tailored to your needs. The “Commercial Edition” is designed for Solar-Log® WEB portal owners to maintain a large number of PV plants with the option to sell operation & maintenance contracts to plant owners.
The ”Classic 2nd Edition“ offers basic plant monitoring functions and is designed for plant owners to monitor their own plants. 

Solar-Log® Accessories

Sophisticated products for all-encompassing solutions

The Solar-Log® solutions can be enhanced using a wide variety of high quality accessory products. They are all fully integrated with the Solar-Log 300, 1200 and 2000 and controlled by the Solar-Log® WEB “Commercial Edition” application. These accessories cover all the PV monitoring needs from one source: Solar-Log®.