The Solar-Log®: The international standard for Solar PV monitoring and PV Plant Management 

Solar-Log PV Monitoring

Solar-Log® data loggers are the ideal solution for solar PV plant monitoring. The seamless and accurate monitoring provides the basis for faultless operation and the smart control function ensures that you get the most out of your solar PV power. The Solar-Log® data logger communicates with and controls all major inverters directly via protocol integration. Maximize your solar PV power consumption in real time with networked “smart plugs” connected to existing electrical outlets or with the Solar-Log 1200 and 2000 via relays. The applied state-of-the-art technology enables a continuous optimization of both the generation and the use of solar PV power.

The modern Solar-Log® design enables plant owners to showcase their solar PV monitoring systems and power plants. The Solar-Log 1200 and 2000 color touch screen display allows direct data logger operation and displays yield graphics and solar PV plant data in a descriptive and easy to understand way. All Solar-Log® devices have an LCD-Status-Display that provides comprehensive installation and operation status information.

The Solar-Log® can measure self-consumption (building load) via an external RS485 electrical power meter. This bidirectional meter allows the Solar-Logs to determine the self-consumption either directly at the load panel or indirectly via metering the power at the main utility connection.

Solar-Log 300

Solar-Log 1200

Solar-Log 2000