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PV Production, Inverter Direct Monitoring 

Solar-Log 370 & GE Meter

The Solar-Log 370 is an advanced residential solar PV monitoring device with grid feed-in control, specifically designed for the U.S. market. This residential revenue grade meter combines the market leading Solar-Log® monitoring technology into GE's popular 1-210+ meter. The result is a highly accurate and robust monitoring and power management device.

The Solar-Log 370 & GE Meter offers I/O ports for numerous connectivity options. An Ethernet port for LAN access and 2 x RS485 ports that provide connections for inverter direct monitoring, weather station or for additional features like power management.

The Solar-Log 370 maximizes residential PV plant performance by comparing the generated power to either a solar irradiance sensor, produced power from nearby plants, open source performance databases (such as PVWatts), as well as to weather satellite irradiance information in real time.

The Solar-Log 370 & GE Meter offers PV production monitoring for all inverters types. See our list of compatible devices for availability of advanced features like inverter direct monitoring, power management, and consumption monitoring. 

The Solar-Log 370 is a 2016 Intersolar AWARD finalist in the photovoltaics category. 

Solar-Log 370 - Options

  • ANSI C12.20 Power meter
  • +-0.2% accuracy (RGM)
  • 3G cellular modem
  • 5 year cellular data plan service
  • 5 year Solar-Log® WEB service
  • 5 year warranty
  • Solar PV Production monitoring (all inverter types)
  • Consumption monitoring (optional)
  • Inverter Direct monitoring (optional)
  • Weather station/sensor (optional)
  • Inverter Power Management (optional)