Greater Control and Power Management

The Solar-Log® system provides a concise presentation of power yields and consumption. Appliances can be controlled remotely to ensure that there is an ideal amount of power consumption to correspond to the current amount of solar power being generated.

Maximize Solar Energy

Maximize the consumption of self-produced power by controlling appliances via the Solar-Log®. Control appliances through networked “smart plugs” that fit on top of existing electrical outlets and the integrated relays on the Solar-Log 1200 and 2000.

Smart Energy - Intelligent Control of Self-consumption

With Solar-Log® you can control when certain appliances turn on and off, taking advantage of peak solar hours and maximizing the amount of self-produced power consumption.

The Solar-Log 300 and 1200 Meter come with integrated power meters for two 3 phases (or each phase individually). The Solar-Log® measures every phase individually and delivers the corresponding value. Additionally, two electricity S0 meters or supported RS485 meters can be used to measure consumption.

Diagram of consumer device arrangement  in a household with self-consumption.

In the display, the current power values are displayed and the amount of surplus power is calculated. This allows the operator to determine the idealtime for switching on external appliances. Depending on the amount of surplus, a “Smiley” emoticon indicates whether or not it makes sense to manually turn on appliances at a given time.