Keeping everything in sight and under control with the Solar-Log® WEB.

The Solar-Log® WEB is a sophisticated solar PV monitoring and plant management application which can be accessed from anywhere in the world via the internet. It features concise presentation options, plant performance visualizations, compares PV yield to set PV targets in real time, defines and sends out alerts, and allows remote plant configuration management. Solar-Log® WEB monitoring comes in two versions that are tailored to the PV plant owner's needs. 

Solar-Log® WEB "Commercial Edition" for Installers and Service Providers

The “Commercial Edition” is designed for Solar-Log® WEB portal owners to maintain a large number of PV plants with the option to sell operation & maintenance contracts to plant owners. Alerts and status messages can be sent directly to the portal operator enabling them to react immediately and often solve problems remotely or through service calls. Portal operators can define plant owners' access to plant performance visualization. 

Solar-Log WEB for Plant Owners

The ”Classic 2nd Edition“ is and intuitive solar PV monitoring solution for tech savvy plant owners who want to monitor their own plants. The "Classic 2nd Edition" offers the basic functions for plant monitoring including performance visualization, yield comparison against set targets and options to display, analyze, and compare yields over a period of weeks, months, or years.