Our experts provide answers to key questions about the Solar-Log®.

Why invest in a Solar-Log® monitoring system?

  1. Maximize your ROI; Solar-Log® sends immediate notification by e-mail or text message in case of any malfunction or reduced performance
  2. Avoid unnecessary long-term losses in yield due to undetected defects
  3. Gain independence over rising energy costs by using the self-consumption performance feature
  4. Access all PV plant information remotely
  5. Integrated Solutions; Oversee and manage all of your PV plants from a single system
  6. Avoid expensive and unnecessary service calls
  7. Network integration is easy and does not require software installation
  8. The best price/performance ratio for top-notch monitoring
  9. Compatible with all major inverters on the market


Monitoring and Managing Solar Power with Solar-Log®

Which Solar-Log® is best for me?

Solar-Log® offers ideal solutions to all your plant monitoring and metering needs. You can order from a wide variety of options and extension to create a Solar-Log® systems that is just right for you. Contact our qualified regional sales professionals for help selecting the best Solar-Log® solution to meet your PV plant monitoring needs. 

The following details are important to have when selecting the best data logger for your needs: plant size, the availability of Internet, inverter type and series.