From a Start-up to the Market Leader

The Success Story

In 2004, Jörg Karwath had the initial idea and started developing the first Solar-Log® in his garage – a data logger to monitor solar photovoltaic plants. Three years later in 2007, the start-up company Solare Datensysteme GmbH (SDS) was founded by Thomas Preuhs and Jörg Karwath. Within a few short years, the company established itself as a global leader and by 2011 the Solar-Log® product range was being sold in 20 countries. SDS has been a subsidiary of BKW AG in Bern, Switzerland since 2015. BKW AG is a global company for energy and infrastructure.

Solar-Log® first entered the U.S. market in 2010 under the now service partner Solar Data Systems, Inc. (SDSI). Since then the product line has increased to include the Solar-Log 350, 360, and 370, made for the U.S.A., in the U.S.A.

Solar power is becoming an increasingly popular energy resource both nation-wide and in international markets. New challenges and ever-changing market demands continue to drive the Solar-Log® innovation to meet these requirements successfully and efficiently.