Reference Plant: TerraSol Energies, Inc. Provides Net-Zero Energy Building, Millersville University

Installer: TerraSol Energies, Inc.

Location: Millersville University, Millersville, PA

Nominal Power: 204kW

Expected Annual Output: 264,000kWh

Inverter Type: SMA

Mounting system: dual-tilt flat rooftop solar system, metal standing seam mounted solar panels, PV glass, and a ground mounted dual-axis tracker

Monitoring: Solar-Log 2000, Solar-Log Web Enerest™ XL, Solar-Log Sensor Box Professional Plus

Chadds Ford, PA based TerraSol Energies, Inc. has completed a solar energy array for Millersville University. The 204kW system is expected to offset 100% of the electricity used by the University’s Lombardo Welcome Center building.

Millersville University selected TerraSol Energies, Inc. to design and construct the solar energy system, and provide the ongoing operation and maintenance. Construction on the net-zero energy project began in 2017 as part of Millersville University’s commitment to sustainability. The University has pledged a goal of carbon neutrality by 2040. Construction took about 6 weeks and was completed in February 2018.

The Lombardo Welcome Center is now packed with power, boasting a dual-tilt flat rooftop solar system, metal standing seam mounted solar panels, PV glass on the south window facades, and a ground mounted dual-axis tracker. The 15-foot tall, ground-mounted dual axis tracker tracks the sun 365 days a year, maximizing on the amount of energy produced.

TerraSol Energies, Inc. selected Solar-Log® professional performance monitoring to help ensure the plant’s smooth and fault-free operation. According to TerraSol, the installed Solar-Log® monitoring system not only helps them maximize the plant’s performance, but it also provides University students with a hands-on learning opportunity. The web-based monitoring platform makes data access a breeze and the Solar-Log end-user Dashboard provides a great way for the university to showcase their solar plant. The solar plant itself serves as a reminder to students of their commitment to the future.

TerraSol Energies, Inc. is a family-owned business providing turnkey solar solutions for homeowners, business owners, and non-profits. They service PA, NJ, DE and MD and handle all aspects of the solar process from consultation to design, construction, and ongoing operation for the life of the solar energy system. TerraSol Energies offers learning opportunities to empower students with expanded project-based learning, internships, and career placement in the solar industry. Through the SunPower Horizons Program, STEM initiatives are expanded to include solar technologies and other renewable energies.