Reference Project: New Hampshire Montessori School Now a Net Zero Energy Campus

Location: Cornerstone School, Stratham, NH, U.S.A

Generating Power: 62.2 kWp

Monitoring Hardware: Solar-Log® Commercial Revenue Grade Meter plus consumption meter

Monitoring Platform: Solar-Log WEB Enerest™


New Hampshire’s Cornerstone School is now not only making a positive impact on the lives of their students but on the environment as well, through the production and consumption of solar photovoltaic power.

The Cornerstone school commissioned solar PV installer Revision Energy to design, install, and manage a solar PV system to generate the schools complete energy needs (net zero). After initially meeting with the school, Revision Energy proposed a large solar PV system but discovered that a system of that size would require equipment upgrades on the side of the utility. After considering the financial burden this would place on the school, Revision Energy was able to design a system which would not require utility equipment upgrades and would still meet the school’s energy needs.

Revision Energy worked closely with the local building inspector on proper documentation and engineering approvals, as well as with the Stratham Fire Department. “We really enjoy building these types of relationships and it is great to see how many different groups get involved in solar!” said Sara Bogue of Revision Energy.

The final result is a 62.2 kWp rooftop solar PV array which took about three weeks to install in August, just prior to the start of school. The array consists of (204) LG 300watt panels and (1) SolarEdge 11400w inverter, (1) SolarEdge 7600w inverter, (4) SolarEdge 10000w inverters and a Solar-Log® Commercial Revenue Grade Meter.

Revision Energy identified Solar-Log® as the best solar PV monitoring solution for this system and installed a Solar-Log® Commercial Revenue Grade meter with consumption monitoring. This set-up allows members of the school to not only view how much solar energy they are producing but also the amount of energy the building is consuming. The Solar-Log® meter also provides the revenue grade metering for incentive reporting.

Revision was able to install a solar PV plant that will ultimately ensure that the Cornerstone School has all of its energy needs met through the production of solar power.  A “Flip the switch ceremony” was held on Nov 5th in which all the students participated to celebrate the schools new solar PV plant.

“It’s always rewarding for us at Solar-Log® to be involved in these projects. We are glad our solar PV monitoring products can help organizations like the Cornerstone School to make a positive impact on our community and the environment.” Said Anton Kaeslin, President of Solar-Log®, “By using the Solar-Log® products installed, Revision Energy will be able to ensure that the school gets the most out of their solar PV plant and maximizes their return on investment.”