Reference Project: On-Grid/Off-Grid - Feed-in Control and Incentive Reporting

Location: Connecticut

Generating Power: 37 kWp

Inverters: 6 SMA Transformerles Inverters

Storage: 2 SMA Sunny Island Battery Back-up Inverters

Monitoring Hardware: Solar-Log® Commercial Revenue Grade Meter, (2) Solar-Log 350 & GE Meters

Monitoring Platform: Solar-Log WEB Enerest™

Utility Requirements: < 20 kWp feed-in

Reporting: Automatic Incentive Reporting through Connecticut Green Bank


The local utility company requires that power export be restricted to less than 20 kW at a time due to the transformer capacity. The Solar-Log® Commercial Revenue Grade Meter with added consumption meter adjusts the output from the inverters if the excess PV yield after building consumption is higher than 20 kWp.

With the use of two revenue grade Solar-Log 350 & GE Meters, the total PV production is measured and reported to the Residential Solar Investment Program through Connecticut Green Bank. One Solar-Log 350 measures output from 4 SMA grid-tied inverters and one Solar-Log 350 measures output from 2 battery-tied inverters.