Reference project:Zero Grid Export

Location: Hughes Medical Center, Anguila, British West Indies

Generating Power: 60 kWp

Inverters: SMA

Monitoring Hardware: Solar-Log® Commercial Revenue Grade Meter plus consumption meter

Monitoring Platform: Solar-Log WEB Enerest™

Utility Requirements: Charge for any PV power exported to the grid 


Hughes Medical Center is a modern, private medical facility in Anguilla, British West Indies. Anguilla’s electricity costs are among the highest in the world. To reduce costs, the center installed a 30kW rooftop grid tied system plus another 30kW of ground mounted solar panels behind the clinic.Feed-in ControlThe local utility company charges for any solar PV power that is exported to the grid. To avoid these charges, the Solar-Log® adjusts the output from the inverters to reduce the PV production when the building consumption is below PV yield.The graph to the right shows the consumption of power in red and the production in green, closely following the consumption. In fact, the Solar-Log® can achieve almost zero demand and export, perfectly matching the solar PV production to the facility’s demand. The result reduced the costs associated with excess power to almost zero.