Reasons to go solar

Investing in solar power is worth it

  • Falling prices and the combination of federal and local incentive programs lower investment costs
  • Reduce or eliminate electricity bills by producing your own clean and safe energy
  • Generate annual financial returns with a solar plant, making solar more attractive than other financial investments
  • Get paid for the excess electricity you produce when you feed into the grid
  • Solar PV plants turn sunlight into usable electricity. When the sunlight hits the solar panels they produce DC power. The inverter then converts DC power into AC power (power used by your home or building). 
  • Solar power is a clean, sustainable and efficient way to produce power. Solar plant owners are helping to protect and preserve the environment and reduce their carbon footprint by producing environmentally friendly energy. Solar plant owners are also lowering their electricity costs by producing their own power instead of purchasing it from the grid.
  • Energy produced by your solar plant can first be directed towards your home or building’s usage, eliminating the need to purchase power from the grid when the plant is producing. Any power that is not used is then fed into the grid. In areas with net-metering, the utility’s meter actually runs backwards when power is being fed in. This means you are getting paid for any power your plant produces which you do not use. Some states or countries have feed in restrictions, meaning you can only feed in a certain amount of electricity or sometimes you are not allowed to feed electricity in at all. In these areas, smart home and energy management tools help make use of the excess power. 
  • Combining a battery storage system with a solar plant provides a way to store access energy and optimize the usage of self-produced power. This stored power can be used in the evening when the solar panels are no longer producing energy, eliminating the need to purchase power from the utility company. If the power demands exceed the amount of stored power, then power can be supplied from the public power grid.
  • One of the benefits of going solar includes using the greater part of cheaper solar power directly in the building instead of purchasing expensive electricity from the grid.  The use of self-produced power can reduce your electricity bill from your utility company. Solar is worth it! Self-consumption turns your investment into a sustainable energy supply and makes you independent of rising electricity prices.

    The sun offers 10,000 times more energy than we will ever need world-wide. Why should we not use this energy while saving money and making a contribution to environmental protection at the same time?

Why You Need an Intelligent

Solar-Log® Energy Management System

  • Solar-Log® provides dependable monitoring and immediate alerts when a plant error or reduced performance is detected. Quick error detection means less downtime and more earnings.
  • Solar-Log® Smart Energy management tools allow the user to control and optimized the use of self-produced power
  • Solar-Log® Feed-in Management provides a solution for adhering to local grid feed-in regulations while still remaining profitable
  • Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ allows users to track solar plant power production and keeps solar plant data in sight and under control
  • Solar-Log® helps protects the investment plant owners made in solar and provides banks and investors with unmatched security
  • Solar-Log® high accuracy metering provides the information needed for automatic incentive reporting

Immediate solar plant error detection

Best Monitoring for Solar Plants

Solar-Log® is the best solar plant monitoring solution. Solar-Log® triggers an alarm immediately when a malfunction or unexpected drop in production is detected. The causes may vary greatly, but a long-term yield loss could make a substantial financial impact, making immediate detection extremely important. The failure of an inverter, the partial failure of a module, or cable damage are just some examples of problems that are detected quickly, at an early stage. Yield losses can be avoided with Solar-Log® to prevent any unpleasant surprises.

Solar-Log® can be upgraded at any time.

PV Plant
Total Power5.4 kWp
Inverter Power5.4 kWp
No. of inverters1
LocationGermany, BW
Feed-in Tariff0,3405 € / kWh (42 CENTS)
Plant completionAugust 2010

The inverter failure was not detected until after 20 days, causing a financial loss of 195.29 € ($214.20 USD) for the plant owner. During this time, the plant did not generate any power. With a professional monitoring system like Solar-Log®, the failure can be detected and fixed by the installer within about 5 days. The loss would have only been 48.80 € ($53.52 USD).

So that you can always keep everything in sight.

The new App for the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ portal

The new App with its modern design and completely revised operating concept is available for smartphones and tables free of charge from the app store. It offers many new features and interactive graphics. For example, a single PV plant or several plants can be presented on a pinboard with customized views. Its interactive graphics can visualize current and historical plant data as well as data from connected accessories such as heat pumps and heating rods. The feed-in and self-consumption data can be concisely presented and compared. The News Center keeps users informed and up-to-date. All PV plants that are connected to the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ portal via the Internet are supported. The data from these plants is automatically available in the App.

Find a local installer

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