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09. January 2018

Solar-Log™ Monitoring in 110 Countries at 2017 Year-End

For Solar-Log™ globally, 2017 was the year of new product launches, much deserved industry recognition, and fleet size milestones. Solar-Log™ launched new products, was recognized by two of the industry’s top research titans, and far surpassed fleet size expectations.

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18. December 2017

Solar-Log™ Wins Consumer Choice Award 2017

This award, ranked among the most important awards in the solar industry in India

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13. December 2017

Small but powerful - Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ and The New Solar-Log 50 Gateway

Solare Datensysteme introduces a new smart PV monitoring and power management solution for small PV plants. In combination with the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ portal, the Solar-Log 50 Gateway provides simple, reliable and cost-effective PV plant monitoring.

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22. November 2017

Innovation on the Show!

Meet Solar-Log™ India team and know the latest innovation in the PV Monitoring, Feed-in Management, and PV-DG-GRID Management.

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27. October 2017

Solar-Log™ debuts at PVCEC 2017 in China

The fair took place at New CIEC from October 17 to October 19 in Beijing.

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17. October 2017

Solar-Log™ as a Global Leader in Residential and Commercial PV Monitoring

GTM Research and SOLICHAMBA conducted their annual global market analysis of PV monitoring. The "Global PV Monitoring 2017-2022" report confirmed Solar-Log™ as the global market leader for residential and commercial-size PV plants (under 1 MWp).

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13. October 2017

Research Titans Confirm Solar-Log® a Global Solar Monitoring Leader

Solar-Log®, an innovative solar PV monitoring provider, has been recognized by GTM Research and Navigant Research as one of the leading independent software vendors and home energy management systems on the planet. 

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27. September 2017

Navigant Research confirms:

Solar-Log™ is one of the World's Leading Companies for Residential Solar Monitoring and Home Energy Management Systems.

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05. September 2017

Advanced Solar-Log® Monitoring Platform on Display at Solar Power International 2017

Bethel, CT September 5, 2017- Solar Data Systems, Inc. will present Solar-Log’s latest solar PV monitoring technology and product features at Solar Power International 2017, including the NEW Solar-Log WEB EnerestTM portal and the Solar-Log WEB EnerestTM App.

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