The Real Financial Impact of Yield Losses and How to Avoid Them

19. October 2016

Solare Datensysteme GmbH recently ran a case study that focused on yield losses which result from component failures and the financial impact of these losses. This case study shows that delayed PV plant error detection can lead to a substantial loss in financial earnings. Installers and plant owners can avoid these losses through the use of a professional solar PV plant monitoring system. Solar-Log®, a leading expert in solar PV monitoring is dedicated to helping avoid yield losses by quickly recognizing inverter malfunctions and detecting deviations between forecasted power production and actual yield.

There are a number of factors that could negatively influence PV plant power production and can lead to a reduction or a complete yield loss, including inverter failure, cable damage, installation errors, or dirty modules. The cutting-edge Solar-Log® monitoring system constantly monitors plant production and alerts the portal operator immediately so they can arrange service calls or remedy errors remotely.


Case_Study__Yield_Losses_and_Financial_Impact.pdf (419 KB)