The ONE Biggest Monitoring Issue Solar Installers are Facing Right Now

31. May 2017

We are in the heat of solar conference and trade show season, being fortunate enough to have been traveling the country, talking to installers and distributors from Oregon to New York and from Georgia to Minnesota. Across the board, we have heard overwhelming feedback that the single, biggest issue with monitoring right now is having to juggle multiple platforms. Installers are tired of their fleets being spread across too many monitoring systems and they are frustrated with the hassle of learning and maintaining several systems.

It’s no surprise that this is a huge concern for installers with inverter integrated monitoring systems on the rise. Every brand seems to have its own monitoring platform “included” with the inverter. Installers we spoke to often chose to go with the inverter monitoring system, but soon found the package to be inadequate. This may only be a small inconvenience for one plant operations, but it becomes an increasing concern for growing fleets. Installers are now tied to that one inverter brand if they want to remain on the same system, giving them limited options for their plants future. One installer in Minnesota expressed frustration with his current choice of inverter, but was worried about the hassle of monitoring if they chose to switch. They were happy to know that there is an easy, low-cost solution.

Solar-Log® is compatible with over 100 inverter brands –making us, in fact, hardware independent. Regardless of the inverter brand you select, Solar-Log® will most likely be compatible.

Make the biggest solar monitoring issue a non-issue –contact us today to find out how to get started with Solar-Log®.