Solar-Log® Revenue Grade Metering

Solar-Log 2050

Solar-Log 2050

(Solar-Log® data logger and required CTs sold separately)

The Solar-Log 2050 is a revenue grade metering assembly designed for commercial and industrial scale solar plants. The Solar-Log 2050 can be used for production metering or consumption monitoring. When combined with a Solar-Log® data logger, the assembly can offer performance data from inverter direct monitoring, power control, and automatic performance-based incentive reporting with purchase of a Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ XL subscription. The Solar-Log® communicates with an RS485 or pulsing meter to deliver high accuracy metering required by many plant owners, PPAs, and financing agreements for reporting, accounting, or billing purposes. The Solar-Log 2050 offers many customizable solutions to meet the needs of fleet managers, solar PV installers, reporting agencies, utilities, and end-users.

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Advantages of the Solar-Log 2050 Revenue Grade Meter

  • Easy to install, maintain, and operate at a cost effective price-point for commercial and industrial projects
  • Meter solar PV Yield, building load, or sub-consumption (with additional meters)
  • Add a Solar-Log® to collect inverter data including alarms and codes
  • Add a Solar-Log® control inverter production, power factor, and grid export
  • Revenue grade accuracy for financial contracts (PPAs, etc.), incentive reporting, and Renewable Energy Credit (REC) monetization
  • Export data over LAN or cellular connection (with cellular expansion kit)

Revenue Grade Meter Features

  • ANSI C12.20 Class 0.2
  • Better than +/- 0.2% accuracy with appropriate CTs (typical)
  • Digital communications via RS485 (MODBUS RTU)
  • 5 Amp version compatible with any standard 5A CT
  • MCTA version available with mA current transducers
  • Up to 32 inverters can be daisy chained to one Solar-Log®
  • Supports single (split) phase, 3 phase service
  • Cellular options available
  • Optional interface for SCADA integration including DNP3 Protocol

Monitoring Features

  • Inverter direct monitoring compatible with over 100 inverter brands
  • Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ Fleet Management Tools - error codes, virtual irradiance (production forecasting), clustering (comparative production), alerts and logbook for monitoring and end user dashboard
  • Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ the new app for our portal available for iOS and Android
  • Solar-Log® Insight - commercial app for iOS (iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch) and Android

Enclosure Features

  • Energy meter, power supply, fusing blocks, shorting blocks, RS485/422 ports, Ethernet port
  • Indoor/Outdoor, IP-67 (Environmental type 4X) rated when used with proper cable screws and when cable conduits are properly sealed
  • Non-Fading enclosure made of polycarbonate and ABS plastic


Solar-Log WEB Enerest™

Fit for the future  with Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ – central control element for installers and service providers.  The Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ is available in three different service levels and price classes to respond even better to the differing needs of individual customer groups.  The M, L and XL editions make it possible to find the perfect fit for the needs of the plant owner and to offer the most optimal service.  The system provides banks and investors reliable protection and professional monitoring for PV investments.

Additions for new functions

Solar-Log® Accessories

A number of accessories are available for the Solar-Log® devices to offer extra protection, new functions and / or improved performance. From overvoltage protection to connecting diverse inverters or sensors, we can meet all your needs. Installers, dealers and service providers can offer their customers complete solutions with high-quality products. Installers, dealers and service providers can offer their customers complete solutions with high-quality products.

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