Solar Plant Performance Data Easily Accessible

Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ App

The app with its modern design and user-friendly operating concept is available free of charge for smartphones and tablets. A single PV plant or several plants can be presented on a pinboard with customized views. Current and historical plant data as well as data from connected components such as heat pumps and heating rods can be visualized. The feed-in and self-consumption data can be concisely presented and compared. The News Center keeps users informed and up-to-date.

With the new update 1.2.0 the app offers many new features and an improved application.

Energy Flow

The Energy Flow chart is now available in the mobile app for Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ L or XL users. This eye-catching graphic allows users to quickly view the flow of electricity between the plant, building, grid, and battery.

Target Lines

The target line in the yield balance chart provides a clear view of how much solar power each plant is forecasted to produce per individual month.

Swipe Gesture

With the Swipe gesture you can easily switch between the time dimensions. For example, swiping from top to bottom  to switch from month to year.

Solar-Log WEB Enerest™

The new app for the portal with its modern design for smartphones and tablets is now available free of charge for iOS and for Android devices. With its countless new and improved functions, the app provides concise presentation of data and user-friendly operations. All PV plants that are connected to the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ portal via the Internet are supported. The data from these plants is automatically available in the app.



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All Features and Information about the Release 1.2.0

Here you can find all new features and information about the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ App Update 1.2.0 at a glance. Click on the + sign to open the different categories.

  • Swipe gesture to change time dimensions. Swipe up and down to switch between the time dimensions.
  • Target lines were added to the balance chart. See your configurated targets directly in the chart.
  • Energy flow: Enerest L and the energy flow you keep track of your current energy flows.
  • Your inverters in the balance chart. Up to 10 inverters are displayed with their total production. Simply switch to the new chart via the mode switch at the top right in balance chart.
  • Start a Solar-Log™ firmware update directly in your app. (only for Enerest Home customers. GPRS is excluded.)
  • Switch to HTTP transmission with just a few clicks. Not only do you save data volume, you also secure your Solar-Log™ data evenmore. (only for Enerest Home customers. GPRS is excluded.)
  • Extended News Center: Yield messages are sent for several plants in only one notification.
  • Extended News Center: new process section. See every single step your Solar-Log™ performs during an update. If you have several plants, you can easily keep track of them.
  • Completely new designed app tutorial.
  • Date is stored during chart change.
  • Error messages are now easier to understand.
  • Percentage Value is added to the target/actual chart.
  • Solar-Log™ model is now listed in the plant info.
  • Improved login process.
  • Values above 100% are now correctly displayed in the target/actual diagram.
  • A bug has been fixed which caused a crash in rare cases if the server did not return the expected result.
  • Fixed a calculation error in the balance table.
  • The table for Smart Heaters now shows clear values.
  • Feed-In is now shown in every dimension.
  • In the table of the yield chart in dimension month (calendar week) the value for the single calender week is calculated wrong.