Simply ask for all important information about the PV plant!

Solar-Log™ Skill for the Voice Service Alexa

With Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ the Voice Service Alexa answers the most important PV questions.

  • "Alexa, ask Solar-Log™ how is my plant."
  • "Alexa, ask Solar-Log™ how much was the profit today."
  • "Alexa, ask Solar-Log™ when to vacuum."

Owners of a PV plant and the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ can inform themselves about their own PV plant in a short conversation with the Voice Service Alexa. With this new Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ function, PV energy becomes more present and PV monitoring becomes simpler and more intuitive for plant owners to use.

Solar-Log™ Skill Download

The Solar-Log™ Skill is available free-of-charge in the Alexa Skill Store of Amazon. All PV plants that are connected to the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ portal via the Internet are supported.