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Solar-Log® Cellular Expansion Kit

Special PiggyBack

Convenience of Cellular Data Transfer

Solar-Log® Cellular Expansion Kit

Add the cellular expansion kit to any Solar-Log 2050 assembly for the quality of Solar-Log® monitoring plus the convenience of cellular data transfer. This straightforward solution is perfect in locations where wired internet connection is unavailable or unreliable.

The cellular expansion kit includes a cellular modem and power supply neatly mounted within an enclosure rated for outdoor use. Connection to a Solar-Log® plus a Solar-log WEB EnerestTM XL monitoring subscription is required. 

Technical Data
Power Supply120-277 VAC
Fused Input3A, 500 VAC
Temperature Range-40oC to +60oC
Communication3G Cellular Modem, AT&T
Frequency60 Hz
Dimensions15.5 x 11.5 x 11.5 inch
Weight7 lbs
Part Number820100

Communication between SMA inverter and Solar-Log™

Special PiggyBack (RS485)

The special PiggyBack (RS485) is an inexpensive alternative to the standard SMA PiggyBack (RS485). It can only be used with the Solar-Log™ and requires 4-pin wiring. The device is supplied with power from the Solar-Log™ unit and therefore needs to have the proper connecting cable with a sufficient wire diameter and length. It is suitable for use with all SMA inverters, unless a data module, Quick module or Speedwire* is being used.For more information, see the inverter’s manual. The interface card is to be installed by qualified personnel only. Solare Datensysteme GmbH and Solar Data Systems, inc. are not liable for damage arising from connecting the PiggyBack to the inverter.

*In many countries, the designation ""Speedwire"" is a registered trademark of SMA Solar Technology AG.