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Solar-Log 10 Power Meter

Solar-Log™ PRO380-Mod-CT

Measure, Record, and Display the Amount of Self-Consumed Power

Solar-Log 10 Power Meter

Maximize plant performance and confirm net metering bills by automatically calculating the amount of consumed grid power using the Solar-Log 10 Meter. This bidirectional power meter connects to Solar-Log® data loggers via RS485 and allows plant owners to monitor total building-load by measuring power inside the main distribution panel at the utility connection. The meter includes 2 current transformers for measuring the current and phase voltage.

The Solar-Log 10 is made in the USA.

The Solar-Log 10 Meter connects to Solar-Log® Data Logger or the Solar-Log 370 via RS485. The included
200A CTs connect inside the main distribution panel at the utility connection

Technical dataSolar-Log 10

Input Voltage Configuration

Single (split) Phase

Main Voltage Input100-240 VAC, -15% / +10%
Input Power<1.2 Watt
Current Sensor Rating*Up to 200A
Power Factor0.0 - 1.0 CosPhi
Accuracy<1% with calibrated CTs
Line Frequency50 - 60 Hz
Voltage Operating Rate+/- 10 % Of Rated Load
Temperature Range-40F to 140F
Altitude2000 Meters Maximum
Voltage Overload10%
Current Sensor Overload10%; 100% for 1 minute
Installation (Surge Category)CAT III
Measurement CategoryCAT III
Enclosure MaterialNEMA 4X/6 // IP 66/67:
StandardsEN 62208, UL Listed
Current TransformersSingle (Split Phase), 120/240 VAC: up to 200 A
Current Transformers(2) Solar-Log® 200 A Split Core
Outside Diameter 2 inch x 2 inch x 0.5 inch
opening 0.75 inch
10 feet (extension options available)
CompatibilitySolar-Log 50, Solar-Log 370, Solar-Log Base 15, Solar-Log Base 100, Solar-Log Base 2000
OtherMade in the USA

Measuring Current

Solar-Log™ PRO380-Mod-CT

  1. Measure power consumption
  2. Measure the total amount of power that has been fed into the grid
  3. Measure power production from inverters that are not directly supported by Solar-Log™

*Not revenue grade or U.S. voltage. For use outside of the U.S. only.*

Video: Solar-Log™ PRO380–CT – Adjusting the Converter Ratio