Solar-Log™ Gateway

Technical data

Solar-Log 50

Inverter: Monitoring and

power reduction to x%


RS485 (4 pole) or

RS4221) (6 pole)

Battery storage: Monitoring


RS485 (4 pole) or

RS4221) (6 pole)

MeterRS485 (2 pole)
Max. Components5
Max. plant size15 kWp
Recommended cable length 2)30 m


1) No RS485 meter connection available.

2) Depending on the inverter used and the cable type (details can also vary from one type of device to another).

Solar-Log 50
MPP Tracker monitoring / MPP Tracker
(depending on type of inverter)
Inverter failure, status of fault and power monitoring
Yield forecast
Self-produced energy consumption: Digital electricity meter
Solar-Log 50

2 x RS485 or

1 x RS422

Ethernet - Netzwerk
Solar-Log 50
Power supply voltage/
device voltage/

24 V

Connection to Solar-Log
WEB Enerest™ (Internet connection required)
(DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, CN)

2 years

Expandable Licenses3)Solar-Log 50
Solar-Log 50 opening license for feed-in management
Solar-Log 50 opening license up to 10 componentsfrom 5 to 10
Solar-Log 50 opening license up to 30 kWpfrom 15 kWp to 30 kWp


3) With additional costs.

Power supply sold separately