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Feed-In Management

Do local regulations limit grid feed-in? Has the utility put a cap on your solar PV plant size? Have local net metering policies recently changed?

Solar-Log’s grid Feed-in Management provides an innovative solution to largely minimize losses that result from feed-in caps proposed by grid operators or local regulations. Solar-Log® can throttle exported power from the PV array to meet the specified feed-in cap. 

Solar-Log® models are flexible, to meet the different regulatory and operating requirements from individual countries and grid operators. These solutions allow installers to put up larger PV arrays in areas where they otherwise would not be possible and assist in maximizing your solar investment. 

Limited feed-in power

This innovative solution largely Minimizes losses that result from feed-in caps proposed by grid operators or other regulations.

  • Maximize on PV plant size while adhering to local feed-in restrictions
  • Direct PV power towards self-consumption and storage after feed-in cap is met
  • Control power factor, increasing reactive power
  • Increase PV plant return on investment by shifting peak demand
  • Maintain PV plant profitability even after net metering caps have been met

Remote control with the calculation of self-consumption

With the use of a consumption meter, Solar-Log® is able to control grid feed-in by either a certain percentage of the total inverter power or a specific kW amount.

  • Solar-Log® measures building consumption with an integrated consumption meter
  • Solar-Log® controls with inverters to ensure that the power surplus (the difference between the current production and building consumption) does not exceed the maximum feed-in amount defined

Please note, an additional external meter is needed to implement this function.

Zero Grid Export

In states or countries where grid feed-in is not allowed at all, Solar-Log® controls the inverters to produce just enough power to cover the building load, resulting in zero grid export.

Inverter feed-in power limits of X % of the module output

The reduction offers the following options for implementation.

  • The feed-in power from the inverter is directly limited to the fixed X % of the module output at the inverter.
  • The Solar-Log® adjusts the inverters to X % of the module output to limit the feed-in power according to the regulation.
  • A yield loss of 3 to 5 percentage is to be expected with this regulation.

With Solar-Log® PM+ devices, a feed-in cap for the inverters with allowances for self-consumption can be configured.

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