Metering power in a simple and effective way

Solar-Log® Meter

The Solar-Log 300 Meter and Solar-Log 1200 Meter can record A.C. power. These devices come with an integrated interface to connect up to six current transformers (CTs). Six single-phase outputs or two three-phase outputs can be connected to record and visualize consumption. The current-carrying conductors only have to pass through the sensors. Current transformers with a folding mechanism allow for installation without opening the circuit.

To implement the "70 Percent Fixed Regulation with the Calculation of Self-Consumption" according to EEG, the total self-consumption has to be recorded via a power meter (S0 or RS485 interface).

Due to the lack of a voltage supple for the measurements, only the apparent power – not the active power – is measured. Since active power should be measured in most cases, we recommend measuring it with a power meter when there is a large percentage of reactive power.

Solar-Log® Current Transformers (CTs)

The CTs are used to measure the power current and to relay these values to the Solar-Log® Meter. Up to six CTs can be used to record the consumption from individual circuits as sub-consumers. With the individual sub-consumers, it is possible to analyze consumption in detail and present it graphically.